Women Back to Work


Women Back to Work

According to a study by the World Bank, 20 million Indian women quit their jobs between 2004-12*. Around 65-70% of those women who quit never return to work at all. Women typically end up taking a break for a variety of reasons like having to take care of their elderly parents, childcare, maternity break or other family support. In this article, we share how the Venerate team embraces “returnships” (the concept of returning to work after an extended break). We look at the opportunities available in Salesforce to start afresh from both IT and non IT backgrounds, and we hear about the real life experiences of our team members.

How Venerate views Returnships:

The Venerate management has always been proactive in enabling women to return to the workplace after a career break. The results of employing women through this program has cemented the belief that providing women with opportunity and support enriches our talent pool and helps to keep our workforce diverse in both skill and culture.

Opportunities at Venerate:

Salesforce offers real diversity in careers – whether from an IT or non IT background. Career choices can include Salesforce Administration, Business Analyst, Developer or Consultant. Training and support is provided, on the job and through assistance and mentoring programmes, with sponsored certifications and training available.

Real life experiences at Venerate:

Like millions of other women who wanted to get back to work after a sabbatical, Debapriya wanted to rebuild her career. She had completed her BE – Electronics, and worked for various companies as a QA Analyst. After 11 years in the workplace, Debapriya took a break of 4 years. During this time, she completed her Six Sigma Green belt and took up an independent course to become a Business Analyst.

Having applied to various organisations she found it difficult to find the right opportunity. Through a family friend, she heard about Venerate Solutions. Unlike other organisations who are reluctant to consider someone with a career break, she was given an opportunity to train as a Salesforce Business Analyst.

Initially Debapriya was concerned about how well she would be able to balance learning and family post-break. However, a structured 2 month training program at Venerate had her covered. Today, Debapriya works as a “Business Analyst” – an interface between clients and the development team and she loves her job. As a non-Salesforce experienced person, it took her about 6 months transition into the role, and now she is an instrumental part of the team.

For women who are looking to build their career in Salesforce she recommends doing Salesforce Admin Certification/ Platform Developer 1 – PD1. OJT is a great way to learn, she adds.

Divya Kalwa, Solution Architect – is a Post Grad from the University of Washington in Computer Science with over 9 years experience working with various MNCs. She says “Venerate is welcoming irrespective of whether you are a fresher or experienced. Your work and contribution is acknowledged, and you feel that you always belong here. When I first joined I was surprised to see that the HR did not hold people to gaps. A progressive culture indeed.”

Archana Srinivasan – the talent acquisition lead, joined Venerate following a 6 year break. With the support of Venerate she is able to manage her work and life well. In the words of Archana “I have worked with various big companies like AOL, Oracle etc and joining Venerate post maternity break was a great opportunity. People are friendly and they are willing to share information. The culture is open and welcoming and I also find the flat structure makes it easier to interact with the senior management. Unlike at many other places, my opinion is valued and, as a result, I am able to contribute better.”

As an organisation, we are proud of having strong women like Debapriya, Divya and Archana as part of the Venerate family. The team benefits enormously from their experience and expertise, and we look forward to watching them grow with the organisation as they pursue their careers post break.

If you would like to find our more about our Returnships here at Venerate, click here.

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