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Venerate Joins the Salesforce Talent Alliance

Meeting future demand for Salesforce Talent

Venerate Joins the Salesforce Talent Alliance

Venerate today announced it is joining the growing community of organisations who have signed the Salesforce Talent Alliance pledge. The Talent Alliance initiative is designed to help more people get trained and skilled in Salesforce technologies, focusing on three key areas: Inclusive hiring practices, a commitment to hiring candidates new to the Salesforce ecosystem, and an automatic interview for anyone who has achieved certification on the Salesforce Military or Pathfinder programs.


Since its inception, Venerate has embedded the principles of inclusivity and diversity as part of its culture. However, the Salesforce Talent Alliance helps to formalise these commitments across all hiring processes and training programs. In taking the pledge, Venerate’s CEO, Partho Bhattacharya said: “We recognise that by further focusing our hiring programs on these key areas, we will ensure that our workforce remains balanced and representative of every community that we are a part of globally.”


Venerate has already made very significant investments in graduate training schemes to help aspiring new talent access quality training and gain globally recognised Salesforce certifications. During the first half of 2021, the firm exceeded the hiring goal of the Talent Alliance by welcoming 21 fully-trained and certified colleagues to its team. A further 41 are currently undertaking the Venerate sponsored training, and recruitment is about to commence to enable a further 40 students begin their careers in Salesforce.


In today’s uncertain climate, it is important that companies who are in a position to do so, help people to establish a career and achieve job security. We believe that this is an important part of our overall corporate social responsibility commitment. Once fully trained, our new colleagues will play a vital role in helping to meet demand for exceptional Salesforce talent, and help ensure our expanding community of customers have access to a diverse and creative talent pool.

Partho Bhattacharya — CEO

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