Trainee Experience at Venerate

“Well begun is half done.”

Trainee Experience at Venerate

At Venerate, we understand that the right kind of mentorship can enable a trainee to unleash their true potential. We have designed our training programs to be enhanced by including real-world project experience, alongside seasoned Venerate Salesforce professionals. We help trainees who are new to the world Salesforce to understand the nuances of client expectations, the important of soft skills such as how to structure a great presentation and to manage time, with the required Salesforce technical acumen. In this blog article, we share the experience of one of our recent trainees: Sahil Chadha.


Before joining Venerate, Sahil had worked for over 6 years with companies including Jet Airways, Aviva Life Insurance and upGrad. Having decided to focus his career on Salesforce technology, he was keen on selecting the right kind of company to work that would support his career choices.

Key Attributes while choosing a company

The key attributes that Sahil looked out for while choosing a company were the organisational culture, the management team experience, whether he could gain the right learning and exposure by work on good projects. One of the major factors that drew Sahil to Venerate was the people and the culture of the organisation which made him feel both comfortable and welcome. While interacting he felt the people were both trustworthy and helpful. Following an intensive 3 month training program he was comfortable he had made right choice for his career.  

First Week of Internship Experiences

Sahil was introduced to the Senior management of Venerate in the first week of his internship and found the open door policy very progressive. According to Sahil – “The training was awesome and the approach was friendly which gave me a lot of comfort. You have to do your own work, but people are very willing to help.” 

Kind of Work

Currently he is working on a high-profile project for an Edtech firm, with guidance from more experienced team members, which is helping him to build his Salesforce Administrator skill sets. He feels his learning curve has been steep, but manageable, owing to the exposure he has received working on projects across industries and countries. Working with the team has given him critical insights on client management, exposure to how a project is structured and good insights into how a team operates. 


In case he is unsure of some work that has been assigned to him, he feels comfortable approaching his colleagues, team architect or project manager. In Sahil’s words – “The culture is very open and I work with nice people who are flexible and outcome oriented.” 


He finds a mentor and coach in his reporting manager – Anubhav – and is surprised at how genuinely helpful and kind his colleagues are. Since they are open questions, it enables him to put his best foot forward to work daily. Sahil feels his confidence is at an all time high and his future is in very good hands. He feels extremely fortunate to have found an amazing company to work for. We could not be more happy to have goal oriented personnel like Sahil working at Venerate and are keen to support our trainees spread their wings and go places.  

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