An interview with...

Subhasish Dhar – Chief Operating Officer, Venerate.

An interview with a

Venerate's COO, Subhasish Dhar

We recently met with Subhasish to find out some insights into his career, his time at Venerate so far, and his vision for the company and team.   

It was great to hear about the person behind the COO, and get an inside track into a day in the life of a Venerator! 

When I saw a leadership position open at Venerate, I took it at the first chance. I’m a pragmatic person, with a belief that success is found in building systems and processes, and then making an effort to follow them.  


At Venerate there is a real opportunity to share my skills and expertise in a growing company with a huge potential to be an industry leader in the Salesforce arena. There is a clear vision for growth, a strong team and I see my part to build synergy to facilitate successful growth. It’s an exciting time to join Venerate. 

My career almost 30 years back as the first SAP consultant here in India. It was an exhilarating experience, where I built teams from scratch. I firmly believe in my people and putting them first. Initially, I travelled a lot, and got to see a lot of work at grassroots level as things got going.  


I believe my strength lies in getting my hands dirty to get work done. I work hand in hand with my team and strive to be approachable to everyone. For me, the biggest achievement, and a true highlight, is my ability to work with people and build teams that take pride in their work. I believe a company can be successful in the long run only when the people are invested in their work and take full ownership of their part. 


I pay impeccable attention to detail and believe in organizational skills and think disarray can lead to missing things. These affect project outcomes and quality. I have succeeded in building sustainable teams across organizations that have grown with the organization and built skills over time. 

I find it difficult to accept mediocrity. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect my team to give one hundred percent effort to their work. Of course there will be mistakes to learn from along the way – it’s only human, but they should make you a better person. Don’t dwell on them: learn and move on. 


If I feel that my team is slowly starting to drift, I innovate new methods to motivate them and lend a helping hand where needed.  

Venerate is a young company with fantastic potential. I see the company growing to great heights. We’ve implemented some ground-breaking projects for one of the best banks in India and an array of projects globally. This can only mean that the sky is the limit for the team here at Venerate. 


Venerate is customer-centric, and we approach projects with a view to creating solutions that are effective in the long run. The team is fearless and is open to new challenges that are supported and facilitated by senior management.

At Venerate, we believe in the overall development of the team. Employees are recognised for their work, and given full ownership of projects. There is a lot of opportunity to interact directly with clients at various stages from the initial design based on customer requirement to the productive deployment of end-to-end solution. Thus, the company attracts top-notch talent. 


We also recognise special talents including sports (cricket is popular!) and incentivise team building activity. The team is diverse and there are a lot of opportunities to learn on the go. Joining Venerate would be the next step to a satisfying career for sure.  

At Venerate, nothing is impossible. The company is gaining unstoppable heights there are some outstanding opportunities in the pipeline for everyone to see success. 

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