Service Transformation

Digital transformation for Improved Customer Service

The recent pandemic has seen a major shift in the ways that companies – and customers – operate. The use of online self-service and remote engagement technologies such as Zoom has soared, and newer technologies – such as AI and Chatbots – that support this process are becoming mainstream.

Here are the top 3 priorities we see driving digital transformation in the service arena.

Online Self Service for personalised support and happier customers

Helping customers find answers fast, on their own terms and in their own timeframe is at the heart of a great self-service experience. Enriched content based on customer profiles, interests, and activities instantly delivers the answers customer need – when customers they need it most.

Enhanced Agent productivity

Today’s agents are increasingly tasked with building relationships and driving revenue – and they need the right tools to help them do this. Speed too, is of the essence. When customers expect personalised, connected, and fast engagement, these agents need access to the tools that can help them close as many cases in the shortest time possible.

Optimised Field Service Capability

For the times where online service isn’t enough, an optimised field service offering is the answer. The creation of work orders, smart scheduling, dispatch of the right crew and the parts they need to perform the job is critical to ensuring a smooth-running field operation.

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