Salesforce & SAP Data Integration

Lightweight middleware offering prebuilt connectors to transfer customer data between Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud and SAP S/4 HANA.

Salesforce and SAP are two of the most critical applications in any IT Estate – one fulfilling the needs of the front-office customer-facing team, and the other serving the back-office operations. Both contain detailed – but different – customer insights, and both are critical to business success.  But in many organisations these mission-critical systems remain isolated from each other – leading to outdated customer information, duplicate or inaccurate data, and limited visibility of the customer.

To help overcome these challenges, Venerate offer a flexible, highly configurable middleware server solution that integrates Salesforce and SAP data. The solution makes SAP data visible from within Salesforce, meaning customer-facing teams – from Sales to Service – can see real-time SAP information including inventory, order histories, invoice and delivery data, quote histories, pricing details, and much more.

Key Benefits:

  • 360 degree view of customers and all account history and interaction.
  • Data visibility and availability in both Salesforce and SAP.
  • Streamlined end-to-end business processes such as – Lead to Payments, which spans SAP & Salesforce.
  • Completeness of customer information such as Customer Inventory, Order History, Products, Invoices, Pricing, Credit Limits, Current Balance and Purchasing patterns.
  • Fully informed customer service reps with up-to-date information to assist in closing deals efficiently.
  • Easy, informed collaboration between sales and back office functions.
  • Elimination of duplicate data entry and reconciliation activities.

The integration offers pre-built, pre-defined integration points meaning a fast time-to-value and saves cost on licencing and implementing complex integration software.

And because the integration work is carried out by a single Venerate team with experience in both Salesforce and SAP,  you will get one point of contact to install, configure, support and maintain the connector across ALL connected systems.

Venerate’s integration middleware offers you:

  • Flexible Deployment Options. Cloud or On-Premise. Batch, Real-time or Near Real-time.
  • Extensible. Additional  scenarios to extend integration to other solutions such as Oracle or Microsoft.
  • Secure. Ensures data security at rest and in motion, and adheres to both source and target systems security policies
  • Robust. In-built error-handling and failover mechanisms to aid auditability.
  • Fully Automated. Unattended 24×7 operation.
  • Fast time-to-value. Deployed in days – not weeks or months.

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