For customers looking for an accelerated Salesforce implementation, with stable, proven, inbuilt and (most importantly) relevant business process, an industry accelerator can be the answer.  A partner with the right industry know-how  can help to ensure your organisation is equipped with right technology to deliver a unified solution that assists with all business processes from end to end. From initial planning to deployment, you’ll be up and running quickly, cost-effectively, and with the minimum possible disruption to your business. Benefits include:

Save time and accelerate implementation

A key value of industry accelerators is time savings. When starting from scratch, you have to do much more work to get your new system up and running. Typically, you will need to hire in the expertise to tailor and customise standard software from the ground up to meet your requirement – which takes time and money. If you start with an industry-ready accelerator, much of this work is already done for you. You will need to customise less – which means it is immediately more cost-effective, easier and quicker to deploy.

Introduce best practice

Implementing new technology is a great opportunity to streamline processes, boost productivity and reduce costs. But potential improvements may be held back by a tendency to stick to old practices rather than transforming how your business works to gain benefit from new technology. Industry accelerators are built with best practice in mind which means you embrace the latest technologies and make changes to culture and process that yield the most benefit.  Best-practice differs across each industry and is often impacted by a raft of legal and regulatory constraints. Such factors can also be considered when selecting an industry accelerator.

Easier user adoption

An industry-specific accelerator uses industry terminology your team understands, with functionality that helps them with their daily tasks. This makes it substantially easier for users to switch over to a new solution.

Reduce risks

Changing software can be a costly, wide-ranging project with risks involved. However, as businesses and technology evolves, there comes a time when a new system is needed.  A good partner with experience in your industry can offer a raft of methodology and accelerators that reduce the pain and time of this experience by offering prebuilt, pretested solutions that contribute to reducing risks when compared to building a solution from scratch.

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