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Professional Services

A 360-degree customer view

Professional services firms across all industries are investing in their digital infrastructure to become more effective in promoting and delivering their services. Having an efficient, flexible and secure CRM system enables complex organisations to adapt how they sell and deliver professional services and identify future avenues of growth.

Working with and across your teams to ensure we understand the nuances of your business, we build Salesforce CRM solutions that offer a 360-degree customer view. This will enable you to deliver a seamless, more personalised experience, and convert more prospects to customers. Your teams will be equipped with tools and skills to cross-sell and upsell their services by anticipating and exceeding your customers’ needs and you will be able to automate repetitive tasks, such as appointment reminders, which are time consuming but still integral to quality customer relations.

Our digital solutions will help you to better understand pipeline and project data so you can align your growth goals at every step of the sales process and enable you to manage vital compliance and regulatory requirements. Additionally, the built-in functionality will enable you to record compliance in an intuitive and secure way and be in control of the data, with full transparency about how it is used.

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Our technical consultants are available to support you beyond the project as your requirements change and grow
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Our transparent and flexible commercials can be designed and agreed to fit your budget cycles

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As experts in Salesforce, Venerate offers a range of services from implementation and design, to support, development and re-engineering. If you want to learn how we can help you feel free to drop us a line! We look forward to hearing from you.

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