Marketplace Solution

Matching buyer needs to various available options

Marketplace Solution

A curated offering based on specific requirements of each buyer matching requirements to offerings.

Secure and Reliable Marketplace Solution with a single point view of all actors involved in the business processes:



Venerate’s Marketplace Solution helps to manage all the stakeholders involved in the business process into a single market place, with role-based security that you can rely on. The entire lifecycle from the generation of requirements of various types of entities to fulfilment, invoicing and payments are captured in the solution.


While much of this data can be tremendously useful to companies seeking to understand their customers, large volumes of data place a huge strain on business applications. This can cause performance issues in loading, filtering and indexing huge quantities of data, and impact a company’s ability to serve its customers quickly and efficiently.

Venerate’s Marketplace Solution

Marketplace Solution offers multiple validation stages, with advanced verification processes, to help authenticate stakeholders and secure the business operations. This is a mobile ready solution and can be accessed with the Salesforce app.

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