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Local Government

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The impact of the pandemic is driving an urgent need to improve and streamline citizen support initiatives across the UK. Digital-first, self-service solutions will help you to streamline your processes and reduce overheads – both vital in an environment where budgets are constrained and personnel are working flexibly and remotely. Rapid deployment solutions are available from Venerate to help your local community to adapt to these new ways of working and living, including:
Licensing and Permits
A digital-first approach helps to accelerate and streamline the license and permit approval lifecycle. With Licensing & Permits you can guide local residents, service providers and businesses through the relevant application requirements, so the correct forms are completed every time.
Grants Management
Deliver the right funding to the right grantees — at the right time. With real time insights to performance, you can introduce new levels of accountability to ensure that funds are being used effectively to support their mission.
For custom requirements, Venerate can help you build what you need, fast. We use our range of pre-built frameworks to accelerate the design, build and delivery of your solution – meaning you get a robust Salesforce system, designed for social good, and at the speed required by today’s uncertain climate.

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As experts in Salesforce, Venerate offers a range of services from implementation and design, to support, development and re-engineering. If you want to learn how we can help you feel free to drop us a line! We look forward to hearing from you.

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