Venerate's Lending Solution

Automated solution for faster loan processing.

Loan Origination System [LOS]

Digitised Loan Origination System with fast implementation.

Venerate Lending Solution [VLS] is Venerate’s standard Loan Origination System [LOS] acceleratorIt’s an end-to-end solution for loan application process assisted journey, and all loan origination needs – that can further be customised to unique business processes. 

Venerate’s Lending Solution

VLS accelerates the loan origination process; it automates, digitises, and standardises workflows to ensure a seamless experience in the application process to approval stages. This includes a credit check and softcopy approval, verification process, UW/CC approval, and regulatory compliance check. 

Some of the benefits include:

Our commitment to you

Our technical consultants are available to support you beyond the project as your requirements change and grow
Venerate only hire the best people to provide you with a world-class service

We understand the nuances of your business so the solutions we provide are right for you

Our transparent and flexible commercials can be designed and agreed to fit your budget cycles

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As experts in Salesforce, Venerate offers a range of services from implementation and design, to support, development and re-engineering. 


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