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Journey from Fresher to Experienced Professional


Fresher to Experienced Professional

Every graduate dreams of having a good career, learning new skills and building their potential. Learning from experience is great, but learning while benefiting from others experiences is even greater. Here we showcase the journey of one of our own who have made the transition from student to fresher to an experienced Salesforce professional 

Hello. My name is Suman Kumari Shaw. I have completed a B.Tech in Computer Science from Kolkata. 

I learnt about Venerate through a connection who was already working for the company.  They had shared good reviews so, even before joining, I had a foundation of trust. When Venerate ran a placement program at our College campus, I was very excited and hoped to get an opportunity.  

I initially joined the software engineering program as a trainee and grew to become an Associate Salesforce Developer over the span of a year 

Salesforce is very hot and happening in the CRM space. In particular, Salesforce is used in very largescale companies and so it generates good opportunities for graduates aspiring to careers in the IT sector.  

There are various other roles that are possible through Salesforce – for example,  configuration. I was not into coding initially, but I have become more interested in coding after working here. The good thing is that you get a chance to shadow and work on good projects at Venerate – so the opportunities to explore different work streams are available. 

You need the basics, usually learnt in the college curriculum Simple C, Java etc, and that will be sufficient to get you started on your journey 

Entry level certification paths include certified Developer (PD1) or the Salesforce Administrator certification. These learnings are supported by Salesforce’s Trailhead learning portal.

I love working on and learning about the Salesforce technology itself and working on good projects that enable you to learn and grow. The senior team in Venerate offer trust and support you – and the work you do supports your learning path 

  1. Look for an official Salesforce partner company. If the company is a “platinum” partner with Salesforce, it is a very good company and you will get good projects. 
  2. Be ready to learn and invest time, since the Salesforce platform is very vast.
  3. Look out for midsize companies. If you select big companies chances are that you will only get support projects. If you are in configuration you will not be able to get to work on development.  

Working with Venerate has been a great platform. I have been able to evolve as a professional and grown as a person individually too. Working with varied international projects means I have been able to build my confidence. I have also learnt to plan my work and do well even under pressure. It’s been a great start so far and I’m looking forward to developing further with Team Venerate 

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