In today’s digital economy, there is immense pressure on professional services firms to do more with less. These firms face not only new price pressures but also a variety of competitive threats that didn’t previously exist. Agile new entrants, backed by technology driven service models, are changing how the industry sells – and delivers – professional services. This, in turn, means a need to adopt new approaches, or face the prospect of declining revenues.

To help professional services firms to digitally transform, CRM is commonly deployed.  This allows firms to become more efficient in promoting and delivering their services. Not only that, but digitisation can help firms to drive major efficiency improvements through automation. This in turn helps to support new ways of driving revenues – without adding administrative headcount – or expanding an already expensive and hard to recruit talent pool.

A well-planned CRM can therefore become an important strategic tool for professional services firms as they identify future avenues of growth and areas where it makes sense to invest.

Professional Services firms around the world use Salesforce CRM to achieve a 360-degree customer view – thus enabling a more efficient delivery of a highly personalised experience, based on specific need. One centralised system will efficiently manage the entire customer lifecycle and enable delivery of a completely unified, cross-channel customer experience.

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a seamless, personalised experience that helps convert more prospects to customers. Your teams of experts and professionals are equipped with tools that help them cross-sell and upsell their services by anticipating and exceeding their client needs. You can also drive strategic growth by better understanding pipeline and project data – and align your growth goals at every step of the sales process.

There are many tasks in the path to fostering good client relations. Many of these (e.g. appointment reminders, KYC updates etc) are repetitive, time-consuming and prone to human error. Salesforce can be used to automate these, and many other tasks, ensuring that they are done on time – and with absolute accuracy – to strengthen customer trust and build a strong relationship.

Many professional services organisations need to comply with multiple regulations that include anti-money laundering (AML), know your client (KYC) and data management (GDPR).

Salesforce makes it simpler to manage these regulatory requirements, with built-in functionality that enables you to record compliance in an intuitive and secure way. Users are able to scan and attach important documents to AML records, making evidence that supports KYC readily available when needed.

GDPR imposes strict requirements on how we store and manage client data. Salesforce enables firms to put users in control of the data, with full transparency about how it is used. In addition, Salesforce can help track when the data is first created, thereby enabling users to ensure it is not kept any longer than necessary.



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