In pursuit of an “Audience of One”

The media landscape has transformed in recent years with the arrival of new technologies and consumption models.  Not only that, but global shifts in consumer affluence, spending habits and lifestyle have given rise to changes in how, where and when we want to consume content.   For media companies to keep pace in this ever-changing world, a new approach to audience engagement is needed. The Audience of One.

Venerate are experts in helping deploy Salesforce technologies that can help you to attract, grow, engage and retain customers, with unprecedented levels of personalisation. What’s more, we can build the solutions that can help you understand how to better monetise your content, identify new revenue streams and keep your advertisers happy.

Today’s media businesses are under tremendous pressure to reduce cost and find new ways to monetise their media assets. An underlying theme for all is to ensure audiences and subscribers are returning frequently, consuming content, and that advertising inventory is optimised for the best return. Our consultants will work with you to map and define the Salesforce processes you need to run your business, and keep your customers happy and ensure a great return on investment.

Whether you are in broadcasting, publishing or digital entertainment (or a combination thereof), we’ll work with your teams across the organisation to form a complete picture of your business operations – how you monetise your assets, your key challenges and opportunities, the potential impact of new technology and the key measures of success.

Our team of Solution Architects, Developers and Consultants will use the findings from the discovery phase to design and scope a solution that meets all of your business, technical and functional requirements, and that are in line with your expectations for delivery timescales.

We will present back to you the full solution design and scope, ensuring that all points of the discovery phase are fully represented. We’ll discuss any amendments or modifications to be made in line with any changing requirements, and ensure these are reflected in your final implementation plan.

The implementation plan will ensure your project runs on schedule and to budget. Our team will have a thorough understanding of your business requirements and will use their technical skills to help translate these requirements into your Salesforce solution.



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