Delivering Personalised Service at Scale

In an era where global competition is creating downward pricing pressures, you need new ways to differentiate.  Price alone is no longer viewed as an effective way to compete and, rather than participate in a race to the bottom, you need to demonstrate significant value-add to capture and retain business. Improving service by better meeting and anticipating customer needs can help you elevate your competitive positioning above just product differentiation and pricing.

Improving the customer experience requires a service infrastructure that allows for real-time, personalised, omni-channel engagement. By giving service teams a complete customer view — like access to contracts, warranties, installed base, and entitlement data — you can empower agents to provide faster and more personalised service.

Venerate are experts in helping design deploy Salesforce solutions that can help you to take better care of your customers. What’s more, we can help you find ways to increase selling opportunities, identify new revenue streams and reduce your after-sales service costs by optimising your field support and maintenance activities.

There are many ways in which offering a personalised service to your customers can help lift your sales, and improve your margins – and we can help you achieve this with Salesforce. Our consultants will work with you to map and define the Salesforce processes needed to help streamline your customer services operations and offer a great personalised experience that helps you retain happy customers.

We’ll help you map out how you can offer an improved customer experience by working with your teams across the organisation to form a complete picture of your business operations – from how you engage with your customers, to how you can improve the service experience to ensure repeat business. We’ll also help you look at the potential impact of new technology and help you to understand the key measures that will make your project a success.

Our team of Solution Architects, Developers and Consultants will use the findings from the discovery phase to design and scope a solution that meets all of your business, technical and functional requirements, and that are in line with your expectations for delivery timescales. We can also help you with back-end data integration to MRP, SCM and ERP solutions to help improve overall operational visibility.

The implementation plan will ensure your project runs on schedule and to budget. Our team will have a thorough understanding of your business requirements and will use their technical skills to help translate these requirements into your Salesforce solution.  User Acceptance, training and final modifications are all part of the Go-Live service to help you ensure success.

Our objective is to deliver great results for your business and, following solution delivery, our team will assess, review and monitor Salesforce to ensure success. Our experienced support team is on hand to support you, with strong technical expertise that is underpinned by a robust process and infrastructure that ensures a fast resolution time.



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