Graduate Experience at Venerate


Graduate Experience at Venerate

The beginning of work life marks the start of a new chapter. Excitement, anxiety, exhilaration and relief in finding the right opportunity are some common themes, and they are an experience that’s shared by many as they embark on a new era in the world of work. Here is a sneak peek into the life of one of our very own as they completed their journey.

Puneet Kumbi, after completing his BE in Computer Science, joined Venerate as an Associate Developer. He learnt about Venerate through his neighbour Ms. Sanghavi – an ex-employee of Venerate. Puneet says “Ms. Sanghavi told me that I would get some tremendous learning opportunities working with Venerate – more so than any other Salesforce partnered company.”

Aishwarya being smart and ambitious, started enquiring with friends and neighbours of what would be the best Salesforce companies to work for. During such an interaction she learnt of Venerate through Mr. Shekhar who was then working with IntelogiK. She took his counsel and there has been no looking back since.

Why Salesforce?

Puneet found a training path at Venerate that would enable him to work in a development role. Following his initial training, he was subsequently allocated to a high profile project for a financial services customer which, said Puneet, was a “dream come true”. Through this role he got to spread his wings and learn to take up challenges pragmatically through building user stories (an explanation of a software feature written from the perspective of the end user to articulate how a piece of work will deliver value).

Aishwarya was enrolled on an intensive training program of 3 months, consisting of learning and understanding Salesforce real-world scenarios. After being with the company for nearly a year she says: “Working with Venerate has enabled me to work confidently in the Salesforce domain and exceeded my expectations. I really couldn’t have asked for more.”

Some of the key hurdles that any graduate who joins the real-work environment for the first time may sound familiar: getting feedback, forming relationships and learning accountability.

For instance, in a learning environment, feedback needs to be quantitative and at specific time intervals. However, in some workplaces that lack a structured graduate program, feedback can be inconsistent and sometimes infrequent. At Venerate, there is special emphasis placed on structured, constructive feedback that enables graduates to make the transition from student life to work life more smoothly.

While working on challenging projects Aishwarya say she finds the support network of seniors and colleagues inspiring. Thanks to the bonhomie she has learnt how to fix issues and interact with clients with ease. She says “I love the work culture at Venerate and am enjoying the fun activities along with my work”.

In the words of Puneet “Support and guidance from mentors and senior colleagues is something that I genuinely love about Venerate.” The atmosphere of helping rather than finger pointing helps people become the best versions of themselves. This ethos has been purposefully built into the culture of Venerate. One of the most exciting career moments for Puneet was when he finished his first User Stories before the deadline, he was not only happy about helping his teammates but he was elated to have received feedback from experienced colleagues about his performance as well.

At Venerate, his role models are Arut Jothi MV (Technical Architect) and Rohit Kumar (CTO). Of Arut, Puneet says: “Arut explains technical stuff to the person at his experience level. He explains the topic to the point with no unnecessary discussions. Even after being busy he makes time to connect with the team if anyone needs any assistance from him. He has a humble and down to earth nature which is inspiring.” About Rohit Kumar, Puneet says that he admires what Rohit has achieved at such a young age and that he is looking forward to working with him more closely in the near future.

Puneet’s advice to young graduates who are looking for opportunities is to focus on finding a firm that provides plenty of opportunity to grow and experiment. Additionally, look for a company that has a positive and inclusive work culture with people that are entrepreneurial in nature.

His one word description of work life at Venerate is “Amazing!” and he says he is forever grateful to his neighbour – Ms. Sanghavi for introducing him to our team of professionals.

Aishwarya’s two cents to young graduates who want to build their careers in Salesforce is to choose a great workplace to learn and grow, be confident and enjoy your work. Reminiscing she adds “Since Venerate is my first job, it is one of the most valuable things I have experienced. It is one of the platforms where we really can achieve our career goals.”

A huge congratulations to both Aishwarya and Puneet on completing their trainings and launching successful careers here at Venerate. We look forward to watching them grow and flourish as part of Team Venerate. Onwards and upwards!

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