Five Lessons from Fast Growing EdTech Businesses

From EdTech startup to $10bn

5 things you should learn

from the fastest growing EdTech businesses you (probably) haven’t heard of. The EdTech market has experienced double digit growth for some years now and in 2020 while many of us have been confined to our homes, demand for remote learning has increased significantly. Although the sector remains fragmented in the UK, EdTech giants are rapidly emerging in other areas of the world as the sector attracts record amounts of venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) investment. We look at two of the standout EdTech success stories this year to understand what UK businesses can learn from the largest Edtech businesses you (probably) haven’t heard of.

EdTech Decacorns

Two of the standout EdTech successes over recent years have come from India and China. Byju’s was launched in 2011 in India and today is valued at over $10bn, having raised over $500m earlier in the year from a host of top tier VCs. A little further east Yuanfudao was founded in 2012 and recently raised $2 billion from investors including Tenzent and DST valuing the business in excess of $15 billion. The key question is, what can we learn from the strategy and operational execution of these two businesses?

Our Key Takeaways

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