Send Custom Notification using Lightning Flow

As we know that custom notification can be send using process builder. Process builder will not work in below cases. To send a notification to admin about the batch class completion without sending e-mail To build some complex notification delivery...


Multi Select Look Up Using LWC

This blog will explain how to create Multi Select Look Up Component in LWC. This LWC component will work for below use cases. 1. When you have to build use case where user can select multiple values by searching in...


Profitable Growth through Recurring Revenue

Recurring Revenue: Subscription business is big business. As a source of ongoing and reliable income (versus one-off or impulse transactions), recurring revenue offers a degree of predictability and security. This type of revenue can be realised in a number of...


3 Steps to a smarter software ROI

Calculating the true value of any project and quantifying the business impact has always been challenging. For instance, spending money on automated systems and software is highly likely to improve work efficiency, but what’s the monetary improvement of that efficiency...

Covid-19 Update

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