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BYJU’S Accelerated Growth

BYJU’S is the world’s leading edtech company and the creator of India’s most loved school learning app which offers highly adaptive, engaging, and effective learning programs for students aged 4 to 16 and Indian competitive exams like JEE, NEET and IAS (Wikipedia).

How BYJU’S Accelerated Growth and Scaled Up to 100 Million Users With Salesforce

During the initial days of setting up the company, they realized that the education system in India faced three key obstacles i.e lack of access to quality teachers and quality content; lack of personalization in the conventional learning environment, and learning that s motivated by the fear of exams rather than the love of learning.

The team understood that the best way to overcome these challenges at scale was by leveraging technology and using it as an enabler to reach millions of students across the country. To create an impact and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning, Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. (BYJU’S parent company) was launched, and consequently, the team launched their flagship product – BYJU’S The Learning App in 2015. Today, BYJU’S has over 100 million registered students and 6.5 million annual paid subscribers using the platform.

In 2020, when the schools and educational institutes were closed for an indefinite period due to the unprecedented times, BYJU’S stepped up to ensure uninterrupted learning was available for every student. The teams expedited the launch of various key offerings during the pandemic and the efforts resulted in over 45 million new students accessing the learning app with an increased engagement rate of 100 mins per day, per student – much higher than the usual average of 71 mins.        

The team at BYJU’S is highly driven by the singular mission to make students fall in love with learning. The team has consistently built the business in a very substantial manner which has helped create value and turned the business profitable in the global market. With engagement at the core of the design, BYJU’S is providing students with a unique space where teacher-led content is being delivered on a student-led platform. With the help of game-design principles, animations, interactive quizzes, and puzzles, BYJU’S is leveraging technology to provide an enhanced learning experience.

BYJU’S believes in finding the right balance between organic and inorganic growth. To create a better and strong product to add value to students’ learning journey, the company is always on the lookout for the right acquisitions and partnerships. Only when the synergies match and the leadership sees value in the complimentary offerings, do they go ahead with the integration. 

At the heart of BYJU’S innovation lies data-driven decision-making. With data at the core of their operations, BYJU’S can analyze every aspect of their business to make informed decisions on how to improve the user experience, and how to help each student to be successful in their journey.


Venerate came recommended but, in having the POC, it meant we saw a tangible demonstration of their understanding of our needs. This gave added confidence that they could manage a complex large-scale rollout within the required timeframe. Working within our sector also requires sensitive data handling and so we could see first-hand that they understood these data-handling and governance requirements very well.

Jyothi Kasinath,

AVP – User Experience at BYJU’S

BYJU’S success is focused on 3 key areas:

Venerate delivered:

In early 2020, the company sought to refine the way the team used and interacted with data, by evaluating a range of the leading CRM solutions, choosing to standardize on Salesforce Service Cloud – a solution that would help them to deliver their next-generation customer experience. They wanted to ensure that their ability to offer tailored, highly personalized services for each student would scale with their growth and that their employees would be able to access timely, relevant information about each student to help ensure they meet their educational goals. Jyothi Kasinath, AVP- User Experience at BYJU’S comments: “Our Customer Service team is a value-added service. They are a team of subject matter experts and mentors, and so are key to guiding the students in their learning journey. Salesforce would help them facilitate delivering these services by streamlining the backend processes, helping them plan their hours, meet KRAs, and reduce admin overhead.”


BYJU’S phenomenal growth, also meant that the solution needed to scale fast. Moreover, it needed to handle significant complexity by delivering multiple workflows and rule-based allocations that were required by each course curriculum alongside managing the pace, and stage of each individual student journey. For this task, Venerate was selected to help build the solution. BYJU’S decision was based on the strength of the team’s Salesforce knowledge, and their ability to translate multiple business processes and problem statements into a robust, well-architected solution. 


Prior to starting the project, Venerate worked with the BYJU’S team to build a rapid Proof of Concept (POC) that demonstrated their understanding of how to address the multiple workflows and problem statements. Jyothi says, “Venerate partnered with us to help define workflow based on the processes and problem statements our team had produced.” She continued: “During the POC we were impressed with Venerate’s ability to partner with our team as consultants –helping us to look at the holistic project so we could address areas such as the potential impacts of low bandwidth, and multiple API calls which would ultimately help ensure overall solution durability and performance. This practical advice gave us confidence that they fully understood the scale of the transformation, and that they would work with us as true business partners to ensure the delivery of a solution that is right for BYJU’S.”


Jyothi was involved in the project from its inception and worked alongside the team throughout all its development phases. Of the team at Venerate, Jyothi said: “Venerate came recommended but, in having the POC, it meant we saw a tangible demonstration of their understanding of our needs. This gave added confidence that they could manage a complex large-scale rollout within the required timeframe. Working within our sector also requires sensitive data handling and so we could see first-hand that they understood these data-handling and governance requirements very well.”


Within 6 months, the solution went live and is now helping to support BYJU’S community of employees and their rapidly expanding user base.  Jyoti says, “Our experience of working with Venerate was very positive, the team were highly engaged throughout the project and the solution was delivered on time, and to our specifications. They have even helped us to put in place a Datawarehousing solution on AWS – which has reduced our data management and storage costs, and which helps ensure data availability when needed – critical for a tech-based business that needs timely data access to help inform decision making.”


For companies considering a transformation using Salesforce Service Cloud, Jyothi offers the following advice: “It’s vital that you understand the needs driving the change. Before embarking on any transformation journey it’s important to clearly articulate the problem statements and map current processes – chart these out fully with the help of the business teams, and talk at length to the users so they understand how a new solution will help them in their roles – as user adoption will be fundamental to success.”


In selecting the right partner, Jyothi adds: “A Proof of Concept will help you to better understand the capabilities of the team, and give you an overall sense of compatibility. For example, we needed a dynamic partner with proven experience in our industry, used to handling process complexity and sensitive data – we were able to see this in action during the POC. In addition, we needed to ensure that in handling such a large transformation, the partner would be able to offer a willingness and flexibility to adapt in the face of new requirements or user needs. By going through this process with Venerate upfront we were able to see that they understood our business, what we needed to achieve, and that they had the flexibility and capability within their team to make it happen.” 


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