The Year Of Einstein


We are in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is revolutionizing the way we do business. It is affecting human lives, sometimes in very simple ways like recommendation systems and sometimes in very profound ways like artificial hearing for the deaf. AI is not only going to transform the consumer world but it is going to change the workman world.  It will share the workload. This transformation will be for the better. The workman will be happy to dive deeper into the world of Einstein to get their job done. Einstein has been built on the smarter world. This world is being built on the mega trends where everything and everyone is connected.

The new smart world is creating a magnitude of data.With cloud we have massive data storage capacity to manage this data. Massive data with massive storage capacity has given birth to the AI revolution. We witness this revolution in our everyday lives when we go to Flipkart or Amazon and get product recommendations based on our purchase history and preferences. When we browse Netflix we are prompted with a movie recommendation. The power of AI has also enhanced the tagging function and content marketing on Facebook.

Therefore wouldn’t it be nice if business apps are AI friendly? If a sales rep can predict which leads are more likely to generate revenue faster or which cases need to be escalated. With AI we can perform all these function with ease. Although for a vast majority of companies AI is complex and has a long way to go.

To work on AI a company has to gather data and perform data wrangling which is to prepare the data for machine learning. Data scientists then build and maintain predictive models. It is essential to set up a secure and scalable infrastructure. After this they need to accurately interpret the model for illustration of results.

Therefore the question that comes in mind is how this complex process can be democratized. So CRM and UX experts from Salesforce along with Data Scientist got their heads together to make AI simple for enterprises.

Companies like Metamind, Implicit and Prediction I/O got together with Salesforce and built the wonderful application called Einstein for enterprises. It transforms the world’s No.1 CRM to the world’s smartest CRM.

Einstein empowers sales, service and marketing, and powers all customer interaction to be faster, smarter and more predictive. Salesforce already has tons of structured data in the form of opportunity,accounts, cases and leads. It also has communication style data like email and calendar events. In addition to this it has interaction data like webclix one-commerce sites or marketing campaign responses. It also has abundance of social data coming from community cloud and marketing cloud social studio. What Einstein does is it takes this mountain of data coming from millions of users who made a number of transactions each day and applies deep learning, machine learning and natural language processing. 

Einstein does all the hard work to achieve particularly four things: discover insights,predict outcomes, recommend the next step to take and use the above three together to automate a process. CRM users can take these recommendations to business users so that they can deliver best results. Einstein is AI for Salesforce. It makes Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM. Einstein is transforming the way we work in an enterprise. It focuses on things which matter and gives workmen their time back. Einstein enables CRM sales rep’s to prospect more efficiently,sell more efficiently, forecast more accurately and gives them time to log back all the activities on the same day. It is not only the quantity of leads but also the quality of leads that matter. Einstein provides this through predictive-scoring. It can predict which lead will turn into an opportunity. Opportunity insights can predict which opportunity will turn into an order. It also analyses the trends in a deal i.e. whether a deal is trending up or down. Einstein can predict if they have engaged in the right level of the account. For Marketers Einstein can predict who is going to open, who is going to click, who is going to buy and who is going to unsubscribe from a campaign. This allows marketers with predictive journeys to send 1:1 campaigns to the right person at the right time increasing their engagements and thereby increasing their ROI.

But in the end it is not only limited to marketers and Sales agents, it is for community and commerce as well. The vision for Einstein is that every user should be able to infuse AI in their application.For more technical folks Einstein carries new APIs like predictive vision services, predictive sentiment services. What these mean is users can also perform deep learning like image recognition, sentiment analysis. These can be done by developers without becoming deep learning experts. That is the way Salesforce is democratizing AI. Lastly for the super-technical hard-core data scientist with the marriage of Heroku and Prediction I/O they can build a custom prediction model and put it in production without ever thinking of scale and reliability.

Einstein is built right-in Salesforce. It is built on a multi-layered scale so developers don’t have to think about security, reliability and scalability. On the robust platform data can be added from all data platforms like CRM data, IoT data, social data, email, calendar event. Based on the data developers can build intelligent apps on Sales, marketing, community etc. on lightning development platform.

Dr. Debojyoti Roy

Adamas University      

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