Salesforce Re-Engineering

“We optimize an existing Salesforce implementation with our unique value adds…”

In the many years of experience of Venerate Solutions’ leadership team, it has been noticed that some businesses either don’t use the technology solutions provided to them or they find the solutions less than effective. To address the concerns of businesses wanting more from their Salesforce solution, we provide Salesforce Re-Engineering services.

We have honed a process to dramatically improve productivity, cycle times and quality of businesses by redesigning their existing Salesforce system. We get companies to rethink their existing processes and reorganize them, using information technology, to deliver more value to end-customers.

Our domain experts and salesforce consultants broadly work with the following strategy:

  • Refocus company values on customer needs
  • Redesign core processes, often using information technology to enable improvements
  • Reorganize a business into cross-functional teams with end-to-end responsibility for a process
  • Rethink basic organizational and people issues
  • Improve business processes across the organization
Re Engineering