Premier Irrigation Adritec Limited

About Company

Premier Irrigation is the pioneer manufacturer of modern water saving irrigation systems and equipment in India. In 1965 when the Green Revolution had brought higher yielding seed varieties Premier introduced sprinkler irrigation to save water and irrigate more land. The days of food shortage were over and Indian agricultural has never looked back. Premier developed rugged, high pressure capable sprinkler and piping systems for plantations which have helped tea plantations in North East India and

Tea, coffee and cardamom plantations in South India iron out the vagaries of nature and produce higher returns.

As Indian agriculture developed and particularly horticulture became more significant we introduced our drip irrigation range. Again in the pioneering spirit which drives us we were the first to manufacture an inline product and for a time we were the only manufacturer of both cylindrical and flat emitter inline products.

Client :  Premier Irrigation Adritec Limited
Date :  October 18, 2018
Services :  modern water saving irrigation systems
Website :

Business Challenges

  • We have stored   and maintained the Customer’s Data in Excel Data Format and not able to track the data properly.
  • We managed entire business process manually (Manpower) which is very time consumed for the sales team.
  • Pipeline management was not available.
  • We were not able to generate the reports and forecasting for our business.

Solution offered

  • We Offered Sales cloud to the customer including the Target Module for Tracking Sales Team.
  • And also we have offered a solution to store the entire database in sales force Cloud. We designed Dealer/ Distributor Management to manage the Business which comes from the distributors.
  • Also we have implemented the reports and dashboards module to know the forecasting of the organisation.

The outcome of the solution

By Using Sales force CRM the efficiency has improved in the desired time and able to track the performance of the Business.