Improving Sales Productivity & Efficiency

Company Bio

Grown Diamond Corporation was established in 2012, where along with our partners we have invested strongly over the years in advanced/disruptive technologies to successfully grow gem quality Lab Grown Diamonds.

We have a state of the art diamond polishing factory with world class latest technology and equipment in Surat, Gujarat. Our master diamond cutters have years of experience to cut and polish rough stones into beautiful and sparkling Lab Gown Polished Diamonds. The company’s robust infrastructure enables us to meet the rapidly increasing industry requirements with a competitive response. Being part of the lab made diamonds industry at such a pivotal moment, we are enthusiastic about taking untrodden paths and have carved a niche.

Client :  Grown Diamond Corporation
Date :  October 16, 2018
Services :  Lab Grown Diamond

Business Challenges

    • Longer decision time frames
    • Need to win more proposals
    • Finding more qualified leads
    • Deals lost to delays
    • Continuing Customer Relationship post Sale
    • Spending too much time on administrative or non-selling activities

Venerate Solution offered

    • Create, Maintain & Grow Prospect/Customer Interactions histories as well as to Manage & Grow Customers/Prospects i.e. Centralized Database of all Leads, Accounts & Contacts
    • Help the internal Sales Reps to Improve Sales Productivity & Efficiency
    • To create a proactive system rather than a reactive one
    • Implement single Sales processes (sales activities) to suit Grown Diamond business needs.
    • Implement a centralized database of prospects/customers for Sales to follow-up on their call, meetings & visits more effectively and efficiently.
    • Increased Accountability, across all levels of organization
    • Incentive Management to boost the Sales Reps confidence and increased productivity
    • Increased Collaboration and adoption of Sales & Marketing Best practices
    • Mobile information availability – Anywhere & Anytime
    • Reports & Dashboards for better decisions (Pipeline reports)
    • Calculate Commission

The outcome of the solution

    • Increase in the Sales Productivity and Efficiency
    • Centralized database for all the records i.e. Leads, Account, Contacts.
    • Increase in the sense of accountability across all levels of organisation
    • Automation of everyday tasks
    • Improved Analytical Data and Reporting.
    • Save Time