Integration of E-commerce, recommendation engine & cloud telephony system

Business Challenge

PrinkBlue is a growing b2b e-commerce platform who has clinics, dental outlets, hospitals and nursing homes as their customers. The business was dependent on fields sales team to go to the customers in order to push them to their platform to buy dental products. There was no system to manage the field sales process while at the same time the organization was expanding and adding head counts. Additionally, there was no means to track the inside sales team as their primary job was to feed leads to the field sales team. They were all working on excel sheets. Key customer info was locked away in various tools such as website, recommendation engine, payment gateway and customer service tool.  This resulted into multiple systems being deployed and difficult for the organization to work on a single unified platform. The expectation from the customer was that their future system should be able to manage inside sales, field sales, customer service and future potential to extend the same tool to handle digital marketing.

Client :  PinkBlue
Date :  October 18, 2018
Services :  B2b E-Commerce
Website :

Business Process Mapped

There were 2 kinds of Sales (B2C through ecommerce and B2B where the agent supports the customer with their order booking). The Sales executive’s responsibility is to meet clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, medical colleges and on-board them as a customer. Customer would then place order based on their convenience. Sales team also need to reengage with existing customer based on their spend pattern.

Inside sales team: similar modules to sales but their primary job is to do outbound calls and generate leads for sales team.

Case management to handle customer grievances and provide timely support. Cases generated through web, email and phone and addressed via agent in the designated time as per the case priority.

Solution Offered

  • Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity
  • Order Management
  • Quote Management
  • Check in/Check out with sales meeting visit counter
  • Case management
  • Escalation Management
  • Entitlements
  • Target management vs achievement
  • Reports and Dashboard

Outcome of the Solution

The salesforce application deployed was extremely complex and involved 3 major integrations – e-commerce platform, recommendation engine & Cloud telephony system. The customer is successfully using the integrated system for insides sales, field sales and customer service functions. Customer can now track the performance of each individual based on tangible KPI. In addition to this, no lead gets unanswered once it is in the system. The efficiency of individual depts. has increased as they have more information when they spec to a customer. Moreover, auto call logs for field sales team using the salesforce mobile app.

Venerate Solution migrated the existing customer, product, price, orders, past service tickets into Salesforce. This transition from siloed system to Salesforce with all relevant data still available made the adoption of the tool very high.

Value propositions such as: In case a customer potential customer drops out during the payment process an inside sales person is notified who then calls the customer to qualify for a potential sale. Such high degree of automation has proven to be a success for PinkBlue.

The management team can take informed decisions based on real time data, monitor performance and maintain customer satisfaction.